ACE-A Exam information

**All ACE Certification expiration dates that fall between January 2020 and January 2021 will be waived until further notice. Arista Training understands the constraints of COVID19 and are extending this courtesy to help our career certification customers.**

Recommended study material for this exam

The Arista Configuration Essentials class and the official Arista Documentation. Note that no single piece of source material may provide all the answers. The ACE-A exam draws heavily from the ACE class material and if you took the class you were exposed to almost all of the study material for this exam!

EOS versions used when designing the test

EOS-4.12.1.swi, EOS-4.14.1F.swi, and EOS-4.15.1F.swi.

Note that we generally try not to ask questions where the answer changes between releases of code.

Type of exam 

This is an Arista Networking associate-level exam. As such, there will be no questions about programming, though we might ask how to configure eAPI in CLI. We do not ask about routing protocols, but we might ask how to configure a feature that utilizes XMPP. We might ask about a simple bash command that you might learn in the ACE class, but you are not expected to be a Linux administrator for this exam.

Exam Summary

The goal of this exam is to test the candidate’s knowledge of Arista products and to see if they are capable of managing and maintaining an Arista switch. This test is heavily geared towards EOS CLI and Arista-specific features or differentiators.

In short, this is not a networking exam. This is a “do you know how to operate an Arista switch” exam.

Examples of the type and format for the questions on the exam:
Which of the following commands will not be accepted by the parser in EOS?
A: show interfaces ethernet 1 
B: show interface ethernet 1
C: line vty 0 15
D: management telnet
Which of the following interface types are not found on Arista switches?
A: Ethernet
B: Token Ring 
C: Management
D: ArcNet
In an MLAG domain, what are the terms used to identify each switch?
A: Primary/Secondary 
B: Root/Secondary Root 
C: First/Second
D: Active/Standby
What color are the handles on the fans of an Arista DCS-7150S-24-CL if hot air is blowing out the interface side of the switch?
A: Red
B: Blue
C: Black
D: The fans on this model don’t have handles
What does VTEP stand for?
A: VXLAN Tunnel End-Pointer
B: VXLAN Tunnel End-Point
C: Virtual Time-Encrypted Protocol 
D: Virtual Time-Enabled Protocol

Where to sign up for the exam:

Number of questions: 100
Passing score: 80%
Time limit of exam: 90 minutes
Cost of exam: $295 USD worldwide
Non-Disclosure Agreement required: Yes. The NDA will be administered at the start of the test.
Question format: Multiple choice
Certification Expiration Date: 3 years from pass date

Topics covered in the exam:

Switch Administration
  • Booting
  • Initial Configuration
  • Password Recovery
  • Default Features
  • Ethernet
  • Management
  • USB ports
  • Airflow
  • General Hardware Design


Multi-Switch CLI (XMPP)



  • Linux
  • Initial Boot Configuration
  • Agents
  • Aboot





  • Tap Aggregation
  • Agile Ports
  • Advanced Mirroring