Arista LINUX essentials

ALE Syllabus:

  • UNIX and Linux History
  • Linux Distributions
  • Getting Help
  • The Linux Boot Process
  • Run Levels and Startup Files
  • Logging in, Shells, SSH
  • User Management and Administrative Access
  • The Linux Filesystem Types and Hierarchy
  • Navigating the Filesystem
  • Managing Files
  • I/O, Pipes and Redirection
  • Editors
  • Job Control and Scheduling
  • System Monitoring
  • Basic Shell Programming in bash, sed and awk


Anyone new to Linux/UNIX, or with only a basic beginner understanding of Linux, will gain knowledge and skills to be a more effective Linux administrator, and therefore a more effective Arista network administrator. 

Please reach out to your Arista Account Manager or for more information!

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Class Dates Location Time
Dec 11-12 Santa Clara 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PDT