Arista cloud builders 

These one-day free training events will cover a range of technical topics and provide practical demonstrations of innovative EOS features. We will be discussing best practices for designing and deploying datacenter networks, as well as showcasing our latest features in automation, analytics and security. 

What we offer:

  • Interactive presentations delivered to a large audience as an introduction to Arista technologies
  • Live demonstrations by local Arista engineers

More 2019 dates coming soon! 

If you would like to register for any of the technical forums  please click on the venue.

April 25 London
May 7 Johannesburg
May 8 Milan
May 21 Zurich
May 22 Frankfurt
May 22 Cape Town
May 30 Moscow
June 4 Stockholm
June 4 Warsaw
June 5 Madrid
June 11 Miami, FL
June 13 Paris
June 13 Cleveland, OH
June 13 Jacksonville, FL
June 19 Utrecht
June 19 Minnesota
June 19 Austin, TX