virtual Cloud Builders 

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The EMEA virtual Cloud Builders have wrapped for 2020! 

Series Overview:

Data Center Continuous Innovation
During this session we will be discussing the latest features and developments for designing and deploying data center networks, focussing on the following topics:
  • EVPN Active/Active multihoming versus MLAG
  • EVPN Gateway functionality for connecting new or existing EVPN MPLS/VXLAN networks to IP-VPN networks or for interconnecting multiple Leaf Spine fabrics using EVPN/VXLAN to EVPN/VXLAN.
  • EVPN Multicast
Next Generation Service Provider Routing
Arista continues to invest in innovative, next-generation service provider technologies. During this session we will deliver an overview of network and transport services evolution in Service Provider networks, showcasing our latest features. We will focus on controlling routing policies in a programmatic manner using next generation policy language, segment routing and the areas where it provides additional benefits to your network, and how to implement traffic engineering without a controller.
CloudVision Enhancements
Arista’s CloudVision is a turnkey management plane providing a modern approach to automation and telemetry, built on cloud principles and covering horizontally any domain from Routing, Data Center, Campus and hybrid cloud deployments. This single management plane with real time telemetry of every network variable, can be used as a stand alone tool or further integrated via its North and Southbound APIs.
This webinar will introduce the latest enhancements to CloudVision, including new functionality in the areas of change control, telemetry, analytics, and compliance.
Cloud Infrastructure 
In this session, we will talk about Arista's CloudEOS Router, and how to leverage this capability to unify network connectivity and troubleshoot across multi-cloud environments. We will review Infrastructure as Code tool Terraform and the CloudEOS Terraform Provider and modules on how to set up multi-cloud networks in a quick, safe and repeatable manner. The live demo will demonstrate how to use Terraform to deploy a network topology and highlight the auto provisioning and automation features of the CloudEOS solution.
Arista’s Cognitive Campus: Redefining the Campus Network
Based on the same standards-based networking principles used to build modern data centers, Arista’s Cognitive Campus solutions leverage EOS and CloudVision. This provides a consistent approach across architectures offering reduced complexity, higher reliability and performance, as well as streamlined automation, monitoring and security. 
This session will cover the recently-released Arista campus platforms, the latest additions to the Cognitive Management Plane provided by CloudVision as well as innovative solutions to redefine the security paradigm of the Campus network.