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Arista EMEA Cloud Builders 

Arista EMEA Cloud Builders 2021 is a series of events that cover a range of technical topics and provide practical demonstrations of innovative EOS® features. We will be discussing best practices for designing and deploying data center networks, as well as showcasing our latest features in automation, analytics and security. We will also discuss Arista Cognitive Campus providing exceptional performance, quality and visibility for your campus PoE and Wi-Fi needs!

What we offer:

  • Interactive presentations of existing and new Arista technologies
  • Live demonstrations by local Arista engineers
  • Customer Use Cases
  • Networking with peers and Arista colleagues

The 2021 Arista EMEA Cloud Builders Series has now finished.

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Topics Covered

EOS® Evolution

EOS® continues its journey of innovation delivering best-of-breed features across multiple domains, all delivered by our one single operating system. In this session, we will highlight some of the latest enhancements and additions to EOS® as we continuously evolve our DC, Campus, and Routing capabilities to provide our customers with the latest cutting-edge technologies, all delivered from the same familiar and unified software package.

CloudVision® Enhancements

CloudVision® extends the Arista principle of "one software image to run the network" to the management domain. It provides a single network-wide approach to real-time telemetry and workload automation across all areas of the network: Data Center, Campus, Routing, and Hybrid Cloud. This session will present the CloudVision® story so far and introduce the latest provisioning and telemetry features. We will cover CloudVision® Studios, the simple built-in workflow automation tool that allows network operators to react to business needs using converged data models and Point-n-Click automation to deploy Arista Validated Designs with guided workflows. We will demonstrate how you can use the powerful analytic capabilities of the CloudVision® real-time state database for troubleshooting and how this information can also be displayed in live topology views.

Data Center Continuous Innovation 

Arista is at the forefront of evolving data center technologies and practices. This session will provide an update on the latest Arista innovations and trends in the DC space including architecture for modern intensive workload, large distributed DC with EVPN, DCI, and multicast.

Cognitive Campus Architecture

Based on the same principles and standards used to build Data centers, the Arista cognitive campus architecture delivers reduced complexity, higher reliability, and performance -side by side with streamlined automation, monitoring, and security. We will discuss the latest additions of the Arista Campus solution portfolio - including scalable and resilient campus designs based on VXLAN as well as group-based segmentation.

Next Generation Visibility and Zero Trust in your Network

Monitoring of network traffic is foundational due to the demands of network/application performance management and zero-trust security. Yet, existing visibility solutions are often expensive, proprietary, or hard to scale. This session highlights how Arista provides various IT teams with full visibility across data center, campus, and edge, through our network observability software, DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF). You will learn about the DMF solution as well as how the Awake Security Platform combines artificial intelligence with human expertise - autonomously hunting for both insider and external attacker behaviors while providing triage, digital forensics, and incident response across the new network.

Cloud-Grade Routing

Arista is expanding its routing feature set. We will present some of our latest routing use cases, spanning from advanced policies using programmatic language, to traffic engineering and the latest L2VPN features, all delivered by the single EOS® providing performance, scaling, and reduced complexity.