Supporting Quotes for Universal Leaf Platform:

Storage Partners: EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NetApp SolidFire, Nutanix, Pure Storage

EMC Corporation

"Customers requiring a high performance, data intensive storage solution also require a storage networking solution that is scalable and flexible" said Russell Barck, Managing Director, Global Strategic Technology Alliances, EMC Corporation. "With its deep buffers, virtual output queuing and storage traffic telemetry, the Arista 7280R networking platform helps enable the benefits of scale out storage to virtualized and non-virtualized environments."

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“Technologies like flash have changed the performance landscape, shifting the bottleneck from storage to the compute and network layers,” said Marty Lans, senior director, storage connectivity and interoperability at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “Arista’s Universal Leaf Spine platform combined with HPE servers and HPE 3PAR flash storage eliminates bottlenecks, improves application performance, and paves the way for broader flash adoption.”

NetApp SolidFire 

“With the launch of the 7280R series, Arista has delivered a flexible switching platform that directly facilitates the evolution of the Next Generation Data Center. SolidFire’s all-flash scale-out storage customers will benefit from the 7280R’s deep buffers, ultra-low latency and programmable Extensible Operating System,” said SolidFire’s Senior Business Development Manager Keith Norbie. “With Arista and SolidFire, customers can deploy a simple, agile iSCSI-based storage infrastructure that rivals or exceeds many Fibre Channel-based storage network solutions and meets the demands of today’s high-performance workloads.”


"Arista's new R-series Universal Leaf platforms, delivering deep packet buffers for nearly loss-less packet delivery and dense 100GbE connectivity for storage solutions, enable the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform to deliver maximum throughput and scale for any enterprise cloud application," said Venugopal Pai, Vice President of Global Alliances at Nutanix. “Through our Elevate Technology Alliance Program, we are building a broad ecosystem of partners with technologies that complement our own, and we’re pleased to have Arista join us to deliver its innovative solutions on our platform.” 

Pure Storage

"Arista and Pure are partners who jointly understand how to architect the next-generation data center for ultimate performance," said Matt Kixmoeller, Vice President of Products, Pure Storage. "Arista's Universal Leaf Platform provides a combination of IO speeds, deep buffer and EOS telemetry that delivers an ideal storage networking solution for organizations trying to build their all-flash cloud along with Pure Storage."  

Media and Entertainment:

Aperi Corporation

“The 7280R has a feature set and performance that are ideal for live contribution and production applications. It has been optimized to minimize delays and ensures that service providers and broadcasters have a sound investment as they migrate to standards based UHD signal processing. Having 25GbE switching capability and PTPv2 synchronization are critical elements in any new broadcast studio as the industry moves towards a virtualized data center model,” said Andrew Osmond, vice president Business Development for Aperi Corporation.

Imagine Communications

“The 7280R provides a great set of features for the leaf-switch in uncompressed media environments.  Coupled with the 7500R core architecture, Arista delivers an incredibly scalable multicast solution for high-performance media architectures. We’re especially excited about the future-proofing of the 25GB lane speeds, which are a key enabler for uncompressed UHD,” said John Mailhot, Systems Architect for IP Convergence for Imagine Communications.


“We are very excited about the new 7280R platform and are looking forward to deploying it in combination with our IP-based video and audio core infrastructure solutions. As we deliver our IP broadcast equipment to 24/7 broadcast facilities and the world’s biggest and most prestigious sports and entertainment events, failure is not an option for us. Arista’s technology and the speed of their switches is amazing, but more importantly, the company is extremely accessible and supportive, which is key in the demanding projects we operate in,” says Andreas Hilmer, Director Marketing and Communications.


“With its support for key media transport standards such as SMPTE 2022-6, PTP and OpenFlow, Arista’s new 7280R Universal Leaf platform can be readily be integrated with other broadcast equipment and software, such as Nevion’s Media Nodes and VideoIPath media service management software, as part of a complete media transport network,” says Janne T. Morstøl, Chief Strategy Officer, Nevion.