Who Should Attend:

Network engineers, network operators and network administrators who are interested in understanding, configuring and exploring some of Arista's core differentiating features. This workshop is a great place to begin education with Arista's training program.


Candidates should be comfortable with configuring a network device through the CLI and should have a working knowledge of L2 and L3 protocols.

Length of Class: 1 day

Formats Delivered: Virtual (online)

arista configuration essentials (ace) Workshop

Course Overview and Objectives:

This course is intended to provide an understanding of Arista Networks Next Generation Switch technologies and enable the student to perform a basic installation of Arista Networks Next Generation Switches.

Upon completion of this course, student will be able to :

  • Explain hardware offerings
  • Understanding the capabilities of the EOS CLI and Linux Bash access
  • Understand the Arista Differentiators

Target Audience:

  • Network Engineers
  • Support Staff


Module 0 - Introduction Lab 3 - MLAG and VARP
Module 1 - HW Overview Module 6 - Multiswitch CLI
Module 2 - EOS Overview Lab 4 - Multiswitch CLI
Module 3 - EOS CLI Module 7 - VMTracer Overview
Lab 0 - Basic Access Module 8 - ZTP Overview
Lab 1 - EOS CLI Lab 5 - ZTP and VMTracer
Module 4 - AEM Overview Module 1 - Troubleshooting
Lab 2 - AEM Lab 5 - Troubleshooting
Module 5 - MLAG and VARP  



Please contact training@arista.com or your Arista Account Manager to inquire about registering for a workshop.

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