In 2020 the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defined the journey towards a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). Zero trust is not a single architecture but rather a framework that includes guiding principles for workflow, system design and operations, all designed to improve the security posture of a modern network. Arista is trusted by the world’s largest data centers and cloud providers for the quality, security and performance of its products. The experience gained from working with thousands of customers has helped refine Arista’s Zero Trust Security Framework across cloud networks. By leveraging a zero trust framework patterned off of the NIST and applying cloud networking principles, this architecture provides a solution to secure all digital assets across campus, data center, IoT and cloud from threats such as ransomware, data theft and supply chain compromises.

This white paper discusses the Arista Zero Trust Security architecture that delivers situational awareness, segmentation and enforcement and continuous diagnostic & monitoring that are key to effective defense against today’s complex threats. 

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